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Environmentally Friendly Pond Care

Super’s Choice pond maintenance products are environmentally friendly and designed for use in ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes on golf courses. While these pond supplies are “up to par” for golf course Superintendents, they can be used by any pond owner. The following are some of the popular pond maintenance products offered in the Super’s Choice line of water treatments.

All Natural Phosphate BinderAll Natural Phosphate Binder: Our Super’s Choice Natural Phosphate Binder is a plant based alternative to aluminum sulfate (ALUM). This product is designed to help improve water quality by lowing phosphate levels. This product also adds over 70 trace minerals to the pond water and also offers minor flocculation of mud and clay particles to clear murky water.

AAll Season Pond Bacteria 8 oz W-S-Pll Season Pond Bacteria: Our Super’s Choice All Season Pond Bacteria formulations are biological pond cleaning products that introduce beneficial pond bacteria into pond water. These products contain no harsh chemicals or binding agents and can reduce murky water, bottom sludge (muck), odors and problem causing phosphate and nitrate in pond water.

Blue Pond DyeConcentrated Pond Dye: Our environmentally friendly pond and lake colorants are designed to help improve the aesthetic appeal of ponds and lakes, by adding a deep black, vibrant blue or deep blue/black color to pond water. These formulas can also be combined to offer the perfect shade you are looking for. They are safe and environmentally friendly dyes that contain no harsh chemical ingredients make them safe for humans, pets, fish or turf grass. They will not stain fish or birds once dispersed and applied at recommended rates.