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Super's Choice Concentrated Blue Dye Quart

Super's Choice Concentrated Liquid Blue Lake Dye Quart

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32 oz per 3-6 acre-footApplying pond dye is a simple and easy way to increase the beauty of larger bodies of water. Super's Choice concentrated dyes are designed to provide lasting, deep color with less packaging. One quart of Super's Choice Concentrated Blue Lake Dye will treat up to 1 surface acre of water up to 6 feet deep with a natural blue color. Also available in Black or Deep Blue.

Super's Choice Concentrated Lake Dye:

  • Enhances the look of ponds
  • Turns dull gray or brown water into more pleasing blue
  • Safe and non toxic formula
  • Perfect for golf course, homeowner, farm, irrigation and swimming ponds
  • Treats up to 1 acre 6 ft deep (approximately 2 million gallons)


For best results add to multiple spots around the edges of the pond or use in conjunction with aeration. Add additional amounts as needed to maintain desired color due to dilution. Will not stain fish, plants, wildlife or surfaces when used as directed and once dispersed. Not for use in potable water sources. Chlorinated water will cause fading, requiring higher dosages or more frequent treatments.

Additional information: Dye can be applied any time of year but best when used early spring. Additional applications can be added as needed to maintain the desired color. The frequency of applications can vary depending on water leaving or entering the pond (rain events for example). Generally concentrated pond dye will last 1 to 3 months in a contained pond.