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Super's Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier (Flocculant) Gallon

Super's Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier (Flocculant) Gallon

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128oz per 250000 gallonsSuper's Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier (flocculant) works to clear up murky, cloudy water by pulling together suspended particles and settling them out of the water column to the bottom of the pond.

Super's Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier:

  • Clears up murky water caused by inorganic and organic suspended particles
  • Safe and non toxic formula
  • Perfect for golf course, homeowner, farm, irrigation and swimming ponds
  • Apply 1 gallon per 250,000 gallons of pond water as needed
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Shake well before use. For best results the product should be mixed with pond water and sprayed over the entire surface of the pond. A second application may be done within 48 hours if desired.